1 Homer Price

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Homer Price

Written by Robert McCloskey

Illustrated by Robert Mc Closkey

Reviewed by Ben K. (age 9)

Homer Price

I read the book Homer Price. It is about a boy named Homer and his pet skunk and all the adventures they go on. For example, they have to deal with an automatic donut maker that won't turn off. How do they deal with it? You'll find out within the pages of this extremely wonderful book!

My favorite character is Homer because he is a smart 9-year-old boy and he's been on lots of adventures. Homer knows how to solve problems like when he helped solve the donut problem.

I liked this book because it seemed real, like it could happen today! I also liked it because one boy had a lot of adventures in 9 years. I would like to have him as a friend. I think we could have some great adventures together.

This book is kind of like the Stanley books (like Flat Stanley) because they both go on lots of adventures. For example, they both save people from robbers.

I recommend this book to 2-7 graders because it is a fun and challenging book. I also think it would be a good read aloud book for teachers or families to share.