1 The Lorax

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The Lorax

Written by Dr. Suess

Illustrated by Dr. Suess

Reviewed by Alyssa A. (age 7)

The Lorax

Once there was a man name Once-Ler. He found a forest with Truffila trees. First he chopped down a tree and started to make pajamas. Then the Lorax came and said to the Once-ler, "Stop chopping down my trees.". Next the Once-ler said, "I am doing no harm," and he started making more and more factories. He called on his aunts and uncles and they all came and worked and worked. Next the Lorax came back and said, "My bar-ba-loots are starving, a lot of the trees are chopped down. I am going to send them away." At the end the Once-ler fles the Lorax far away. The Once-ler gave a boy a seed and said to grow a forest again.

My favorite part is when the Lorax comes to warn the Once-ler not to cut down a lot of trees because I like nature. The Lorax is my favorite charcter becasue he likes bar-ba loots. This story relates to my life because we learned that factories use things in nature to make new things. This story has pictures and they help tell the story by showing the trees being chopped down.

I think other people should read this because I liked it and it makes you think about saving trees and nature.