1 Willow the Wild Pony

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Willow the Wild Pony

Written by Jenny Dale

Illustrated by Frank Rogers

Reviewed by Eleni A. (age 7)

Willow the Wild Pony

Willow lived at Devon Farm with her owner Hannah. One day she was out riding with her when she saw a herd of wild ponies. She wanted to join them and gallop, play, and eat tall, sweet grass like they did. She tried to join them but Hannah stopped her and told her she was a tame pony. Willow escaped one day and joined them but they ate short grass, slept out in the cold, and ran from people. It was not like she thought it would be. She ran back home because she was happier when she as at the farm with Hannah.

My favorite part of the story is when Willow came back home because Hannah had been so sad when Willow wasn't home. My favorite character is Willow because she is a pony that is very friendly. This story relates to my life because I think it is fun to make new friends like Willow did. The pictures help show what Willow looks like. They also help tell what she is doing.

I think you should read this story because it is about ponies and they are really nice animals. It is also a good story about having a best friend.