1 Winter Pony

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Winter Pony

Written by Krista Ruepp

Illustrated by Ulrike Heyne

Reviewed by Marli L. (age 7)

Winter Pony

What do you do if your friend had to go away? A young girl named Anna found our when her father told her, "Prince has to go to the mountains." Prince is Anna's winter pony. He is her best friend. Anna and Prince spent a whole winter together, but now the days are getting warmer and the farm is no place for a winter pony. Prince must find his place wit the rest of the herd in the mountains. Anna is fearful for Prince. Is e to young? Will the other ponies except him? Will Prince survive his summer in the mountains? You will have to read Winter Pony to find out.

There is something special about this book and that is that Anna and Prince love each other. When I read this book it made me feel sad because Prince had to go away. This story reminded me of when my Aunt had to go away at Christmas time. But then she came back!

I recommend this book to people who like ponies and horses. Also for people who know how it is to love an animal.