1 Wilma Unlimited

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Wilma Unlimited

Written by Kathleen Krull

Illustrated by David Diaz

Reviewed by Victoria Z. (age 8) & Brian K. (age 8)

Wilma Unlimited

If you had a disease called polio, how would you feel? This is a narrative nonfiction story about a girl named Wilma who had 19 brothers and sisters. Before her fifth birthday she got very sick. She had polio and she couldn't walk, but she practiced her leg exercises so much that a miracle happened!

Somebody that you think wouldn't be so good at something maybe will be the best.

The Author's Note helped us because it told us other things that the book didn't mention about Wilma. It gave us facts about polio. Personal knowledge helped us because at that time we knew that Blacks weren't allowed to do as many things as White people. It said, "only one doctor in Clarksville would treat black people."

What helped us understand the book was stopping and thinking about what we read. First we read in chunks, then we thought about what we read. And we used some of our personal knowledge. You can do it too!

We recommend this book because it's unbelievable how Wilma escapes a disease. It has wonderful illustrations and the background is so pretty. We like this book because it's amazing, sad, and happy. It reminds me (Brian) of when I broke my foot. It reminds me (Victoria) of when my sister hurt her neck. Our favorite part is when Wilma wins gold medals. When we read this book we were anxious about it. We wanted to know what was going to happen. Since you read our review , why don't you read it!!