1 Doctor De Soto

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Doctor De Soto

Written by William Steig

Illustrated by William Steig

Reviewed by Sobel U. (age 10)

Doctor De Soto

This is about a dentist, Doctor DeSoto that worked for big and small animals. He was a mouse he refused to treat dangerous animals to mice. But then he saw a fox and he told him that he couldn?t treat him. But then the fox was wailing and doctor Desoto talked to his wife and Mrs. DeSoto said to risk it. So then he let him in, then Doctor DeSoto went into his mouth and saw a bad tooth in the fox?s mouth. So then he gave him some gas so the fox was in dreamland thinking of eating Doctor and Mrs. DeSoto. So then he and his wife tug and pulled the tooth out and then blood was dripping down. So then on the way home the fox was thinking of eating Dr and Mrs. DeSoto. So then he came back in the morning and was delighted and Dr. DeSoto went in his mouth and gave him the tooth and then the fox liked it. Then he gave the fox a jug which was really paint but the fox didn?t know. So then he told the fox that it was a secret formula for toothaches so he wouldn?t come to doctor Desoto any more. So then Dr DeSoto painted his teeth with white paint. If you want to find out if the Fox eats Dr. DeSoto read Doctor DeSoto by William Steig.

I think this book is a great book because it has talking animals, mice outwitting a larger animal and it has an award. This tells me that this book can be a good book. I also like the pictures, the cover, and the handwriting. My favorite picture is when they showed Doctor and Mrs. DeSoto in the bed, the bed is a good drawing and I also like how the author colored it in very nicely. My favorite part in the book was when Doctor and Mrs. DeSoto pulled the Fox?s tooth out and blood dripped from the tooth.

I think people that like dentists and mice would like this book. I would also think that people that like talking animals such as Doctor DeSoto, Mrs. DeSoto and the Fox would like this book. I would also think that kids that like to read books that have won awards would think the book is interesting. It is interesting. People that like mice outwitting a larger animal just like Tom and Jerry would like this book, and I also think people that like the cartoon Tom and Jerry especially the new one called Tom and Jerry adventures and the people that like the movies would like this book.