1 The Cat in the Hat

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The Cat in the Hat

Written by Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Joshua H. (age 6)

It was a rainy day. Sally and her brother have nothing to play. The cat in the hat came in, and he said ?Why do you stay there like that?? he showed them one of his tricks. He stood on a ball and picked up the fish, a tea cup and a lot of other things. Then, he fell down on his head and all the things fell on the floor and got broken. Then, he showed the second tricks. He went out and brought back a big red box. Inside the box was Thing One and Thing Two. They shook hands with Sally and her brother. They flew kites inside the house. The kites bump everything down on the floor. One bumps on their mother?s bed. The kite went all over the place. The fish said get Thing One and Thing Two out of the house. Sally?s brother caught Thing One and Thing Two with a net. The Cat in the Hat put Thing One and Thing Two back to box and get out from the door. The Cat in the Hat came back with a motorcycle then helps them clean up the mess. The Cat in the Hat put all the things back where they were. Then their mother came in and asked them what did they do today?and they didn?t know what to say?should they tell their mother?

The Cat in the Hat brings a lot of fun into the house when it is a boring rainy day. I like the tricks the Cat in the Hat plays. It is funny when The Cat in the Hat fell down on his head. He got a bump on his head and everything fell down in the floor. The Cat in the Hat also brings Thing One and Thing Two in the house. I like Thing One and Thing two flying kite inside the house because they make a lot of messes. I like the part when the Cat in the Hat new to pick up his mess with his motorcycle. I wish I would have the motorcycle to clean my toys quickly and I am done I put back the motorcycle where it was.

I recommend this book to parents so they can read it to their kids. Teachers would like this book because they always read books to kids in school. People who like rhyming would like this book because there is a lot of rhyming in the book. Kids will like this book because of all the rhyming. Kids who like to play on rainy days will like this book. If you like Dr. Seuss you will really like this book.