1 The Dog: Why are Dog's Noses Wet?

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The Dog: Why are Dog's Noses Wet?

Written by Howie Dewin

Reviewed by Gracie D. (age 6)

The Dog: Why are Dog's Noses Wet?

This book is about dogs and many of the different things they do. It tells why dogs bury their bones. They bury them to save them for later and to keep them safe from other animals. Do you know why dogs lick their noses? You can read the book to find out, plus much more!

I like this book because it is all about dogs and dogs are my favorite animal! It reminds me about my dog because my dog likes to lick things like his nose and me too! The photos in this book are awesome because they show different kinds of dogs doing many different things.

I recommend this book to parents because dogs are good listeners and parents like good listeners. I also recommend this book to people who take care of dogs because there are interesting facts in it about how dogs behave.