1 Tarzan Goes Bananas

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Tarzan Goes Bananas

Written by Judy Katschke

Illustrated by Andrea and John Alvin

Reviewed by Olabumi W. (age 7)

Tarzan Goes Bananas

Tarzan is a boy who loves to swing on vines. Tarzan asks his mom if he can look for bananas. Then he knocked down some bananas and he got in trouble. Read the story to find out why he got in trouble.

I liked this book because of all the mischief that Tarzan got into. My favorite part is when he got in trouble because it is very realistic. It reminds me of when I got in trouble with my dad and mom for making a bad choice.

I recommend this book to teachers and children because I want teachers to read it to children and then to read it to other children. This book teaches a good lesson about always doing the right thing.