1 Just Keep Swimming

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Just Keep Swimming

Written by Melissa Lagonegro

Reviewed by Deanna R. (age 7)

At the beginning of Just Keep Swimming, a fish named Nemo had a dream, he wanted to join the school swim team. Next Nemo had a bad fin and thought he would never win. Then Nemo raced and raced and chased and chased. At the end, Nemo wins first place. He also wins a prize.

This book reminds me of when I had my fish and my dad sold my fish because he thought they were dirty. My favorite part was when Nemo wins the race because Nemo was happy. It reminds me of when I was happy because my mom bought me a new toy. My favorite character was Nemo because he tried his best and he won the race. I always try my best when I take tests at school.

I think other people would like this book because lots of people have fish.