1 Looking at . . . Brachiosaurus

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Looking at . . . Brachiosaurus

Written by Heather Amery

Illustrated by Tony Gibbons

Reviewed by Jackson C. (age 8)

Looking at . . . Brachiosaurus

This book tells about Brachiosaurus. It has lots of facts in it. It tells that the Brachiosaurus weighed seventy tons, and that it had a long neck but its head was small. The book also says that the Brachiosaurus lived in herds, and it was found in Africa. It tells about other sauropods in the Brachiosaurus's family.

I like the book because it told that Brachiosaurus could fight an allosaurus. My favorite part was when it fought a meat-eating dinosaur because it was a meat-eater and a plant-eater fighting each other. My favorite character was Brachiosaurus because it was one of the tallest dinosaurs.

I think other people besides me, especially first- and second-graders, would like this book because it has colorful illustrations. Most kindergarteners wouldn't like it unless they already knew something about dinosaurs. People who like dinosaurs would really like this book because the book tells about a brachiosaurus that fights an allosaurus and there was blood. That part would be exciting for anybody who read the book.