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Changes for Kaya

Written by Janet Shaw

Reviewed by Hannah G. (age 7)

Changes for Kaya

In this book there is a girl named Kaya. She had a horse named Steps High and two sisters whose names were Brown Deer and Speaking Rain. They were Indians in 1764. One day Kaya's horse had a baby. Right after she was born there was a fire. It was scary because it was big and it spread fast. Kaya's horses were in terrible danger. Both horses survived. Then Kaya went home with the horses.

I mostly liked this book because it has horses in it, and I love horses. So does Kaya; she has two. She is my favorite character because we both like horses. This book is in the American Girl book series. In the other books are other girls from different places. This book is like others in the series because there's a problem in the first few chapters that the girl has to solve, and because there are illustrations that are pretty and look like photographs.

I would probably recommend this book to second and third graders because it is kind of long. I think other people would like the part when there was a fire. That was very interesting even though it was scary. I would also recommend the book to people who are interested in Indians and history because that's really what the book's all about.