1 Arthur's Birthday

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Arthur's Birthday

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Markela T. (age 8) & Jesse S. (age 8)

Arthur's Birthday

Arthur could not wait for his birthday party. First, he had to pass out his invitations. Muffy was having her party on the same day. The boys decided to go to Arthur's party. The girls were going to Muffy's party. Arthur decided to surprise Muffy by giving her a present. The present was all of their friends at a party. Everyone had a great time at Arthur's house.

Our favorite part is when everyone surprised Muffy when she came in the door because she was really happy. Our favorite character is Arthur. He is a nice friend to surprise Muffy. We have had birthday parties like Muffy and Arthur did. The pictures help tell the story because they have more details.

We think you should read this book because it shows how nice it is to surprise someone on their birthday. It also shows you how to be a good friend.