1 Arthur's Hiccups

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Arthur's Hiccups

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Alyssa A. (age 7) & Katie M. (age 7)

Arthur's Hiccups

One day Arthur was eating his cake very fast. He ate so fast he got the hiccups. His mom told him to take a drink of water. That didn't work. His dad told Arthur to hold his breath and sit still for twenty seconds. That didn't work either. The Brain told him to stand on his head for five minutes. Buster told him a funny joke. Muffy and Francine gave him a lollipop. Nothing worked! Finally, D.W. scared his so bad that his hiccups disappeared. At the end, D.W. was the one that had the hiccups.

Our favorite part of the story is when Arthur first gets the hiccups because that is the best part of the book. We like D.W. the best because she is a cute little sister. This story relates to our lives because we've had the hiccups many times. We like the pictures because they help us understand the story more.

We think you should read this book because you will like the story. It will make you feel great because everyone tries to help him!