1 A Picture Book of George Washington

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A Picture Book of George Washington

Written by David A. Adler

Illustrated by John and Alexandra Wallner

Reviewed by Jose M. (age 8)

A Picture Book of George Washington

Have you heard about George? Can you believe George went to the army when he was just 21 years old? This is a book about George Washington. This book tells about George when he is a kid, and as an adult, and how he became president of the United States. It tells facts about George joining the Virginia army.

My favorite part is when George became president because he was a hero in the war. It reminds me of when my brother went to war because he wanted to go fight for the United States. I felt happy as I read the book because George was the best president.

I recommend this book to everybody because it tells about George Washington's life. It will interest readers because George and other important people wrote the Conclusion of the Independence.