1 A Season of Comebacks

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A Season of Comebacks

Written by Kathy Mackel

Illustrated by Scott Medlock

Reviewed by Carly L. (age 10)

I'm the same as her? Right? Ten year old Molly competes for the attention of her father, but he only seems interested in her softball pitcher sister Allie. Molly, who is not as athletic as her older sister, seems like a shadow that nobody realizes is there. "I'm good too!" But Molly feels invisible to her Father.

I like how the character Molly handled the situations without really freaking out. For example, when Molly's softball team got named "The Cookie Monsters" and Allie teased her about it, Molly just ignored it and let it go. My favofite part was when Molly got to fill in for a sick girl on Allie's team. That was something she always wanted to do. This book made me wonder what it would be like if this situation really happened to somebody. I liked seeing Allie change, because she is now Molly's best friend and she realizes it is not so bad to have a younger sister.

I recommend this book to girls of any age and for anyone who does have trouble with what seems like perfect siblings. People who enjoy funny stories about siblings will enjoy this book.