1 The Report Card

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The Report Card

Written by Andrew Clements

Reviewed by Kasey W. (age 10)

The Report Card

Picture yourself as a 10 year old girl, and just now at 10 years old, Nora Rose Rowley figures out that she is a genius. Try putting your feet in her shoes. You just told your Mom and Dad and someone was overhearing you talk to your parents. Your secret's out, or is it...?

I enjoyed this book because I found it funny. I really like stories that are about school, so I can make connections to my life in school. This book was also very suspenseful. My favorite part was when I found out that the main character didn't want to be smart. This book is not like any other book because it is a unique adventure that took place in school.

If you do read this book, and like it, I recommend a book called Frindle for the people who like funny and sad stories at the same time. This book would be good for kids in 3rd to 5th grade.