1 The School Story

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The School Story

Written by Andrew Clements

Reviewed by Anna C. (age 10) & Molly G. (age 10)

The School Story

GET IT PUBLISHED! This story is about two girls Natalie and Zoe and how they work together to get Natalie's book published. Zoe tells Natalie to do all different crazy ideas, like when Zoe tells Natalie to change her name. One big problem is that Natalie's mother is the editor and the book would never get published if they found out that she was only twelve years old! She needs to pretend she is someone else.

We like this story because Natalie's friend, Zoe, is supportive. We also enjoyed the part when they had to act out Natalie being Cassandra and Zoe being her secretary. She had to be someone she was not. We can relate to the story when she waited to see if she got published. We feel the same way when there is a big test because of the suspense.

This book is good for children 9 or over.