1 The Upstairs Room

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The Upstairs Room

Written by Johanna Reiss

Illustrated by Johanna Reiss

Reviewed by Annie M. (age 10)

The Upstairs Room

Can you imagine being locked up, hiding from the Nazis in the time of the Holocaust? That's what two Jewish sisters, Annie and Sini, had to do for years. They live in mostly silence, eating limited amounts of food. It's hard for them to stay alive and keep in touch with the outside world. They worry about their family and friends that are separated from them and hiding out in other places. There are tears of happiness and sadness as the sisters struggle with their lives in an upstairs room of a Gentile farmhouse. Will they survive until the war is over?

I like the book The Upstairs Room because it has tons of exciting parts. You never really know what's going to happen next. I found the character Annie interesting because she can be sometimes positive and sometimes negative about her situation. I like how Annie changes from being a shy, scared eight year old to a mature young adult. The story make me feel sad for the people who went through the Holocaust, and it made me wonder what other Jewish people did to keep safe around that time.

I would recommend this book to readers over the age of nine. It would help to know a little about World War II. If you are very emotional this may not be the book for you.