1 Clifford's Halloween

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Clifford's Halloween

Written by Norman Bridwell

Reviewed by Michael (age 8)

Clifford's Halloween

This book is about Emily Elizabeth and her big red dog Clifford. They have a lot of fun every day, but they especially have fun on the holidays. On Christmas, Clifford makes a good Santa and on a lot of other holidays they really have fun together. But the most special holiday of all is Halloween! They really like to dress up scary, and they make people scared, especially Clifford. Clifford dressed up as a ghost. But it wasn?t the costume that scared the people. It was the size that Clifford was. He was bigger than a house!

I liked this book because I love Halloween. On Halloween when I eat a lot of candy my mom uses the expression ?you better stop eating so much candy or you?ll be jumping off the walls!? When I was about three years old, I used to watch Clifford on TV and my mom used to say it was my favorite show, and now I read Clifford books once in a while. I like the illustrations. For example, when Clifford goes trick-or-treating, Clifford starts scaring everyone in the whole house, except the baby because the baby thought it was all a big joke! I think people shouldn?t be scared of Clifford because he wouldn?t even hurt a fly!

I recommend this book to people that enjoy Halloween and puppy lovers. I also recommend this book to people that used to watch Clifford when they were three or four years old and people who love the Clifford books. If people who are scared of dogs read this book, then they could learn that all dogs, like Clifford, are not mean or scary. If you were getting a dog, you should really read this book because it teaches you that some dogs really like to have fun and to go outdoors.