1 Mary Kate and Ashley : Our Lips are Sealed

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Mary Kate and Ashley : Our Lips are Sealed

Written by Eliza Willard

Reviewed by Morgan R (age 9)

Mary Kate and Ashley : Our Lips are Sealed

Mary Kate and Ashley are getting hot dogs after school. They see this man stealing a jewel from a museum. They turned the man in. The next day the girls have to go to court to talk to the Judge! They told the Judge that the man stole the jewel. The Judge sentenced the man to twenty years in jail. The man told Mary Kate and Ashley that he would hunt them down and make them pay. Mary Kate and Ashley had to move to Miami, Chicago, New York, Wichita, Albuquerque, Boston, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Annapolis, Saginaw, Ho Ho Kus, and Tallahassee. They moved to Australia. They love it in Australia. They have friends there. The trouble is the jewel thieve tracked them there. They want revenge. If you want to find out what happened to Mary Kate and Ashley and the jewel thieves you will have to read the book.

My favorite part is when Mary Kate and Ashley are fighting over the shower on the first day of school. Mary Kate tricked Ashley to look for Brad Pitt and then slammed the door on her and locked it. That seemed like something that would happen at my house. My sister and I fight just like Mary Kate and Ashley. The neat thing about this book is the fact that Mary Kate and Ashley can fight with each other and still be close friends. My sister and I fight and we are close friends also. This book reminds my of the book "Almost Twins" because both books take place at the beach. If I could go on vacation I would want to go to a beach and see surfers.

The unique thing about the book is that the girls liked kids who were popular and unpopular. Just like Mary Kate and Ashley, I try to be friends with everyone too.

I think the book is really good. It seems like they fight a lot and my sister and I fight a lot too.

I would recommend this book to kids from second grade to sixth grade. I think if you like mystery stories you will like this book. Everytime they move, it's kind of interesting! HOPE YOU READ THE BOOK!