1 Just My Friend And Me

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Just My Friend And Me

Written by Mercer Mayer

Illustrated by Mercer Mayer

Reviewed by Toshiaki Y. (age 8)

Just My Friend And Me

Little Critter wants to play with his friend because he?s alone by himself. They were playing games but the Critter didn?t like the games. Then Critter?s friend, the Bear, got hurt. Then they cleaned up the toys. Then the Bear?s Mother picked up Bear. Then the Little Critter was alone and he liked it. When Little Critter was alone, his sister sneaked up to squirt Little Critter.

This book made me think of my friends coming because I like my friends. I didn?t like the part when his friend, Bear, had to go, because they didn?t get to play anymore. My favorite part was when Little Critter brings his friend over, because it made me think about when you get to play sports with your friends.

I should recommend this book to my friends. Why? Because being friends is good. Friends could help you when you need help.