1 The Giving Tree

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The Giving Tree

Written by Shel Silverstein

Illustrated by Shel Silverstein

Reviewed by JesseniaM (age 7)

The Giving Tree

A little boy came by to see a tree. The boy was eating the apple and climbed up the tree and the tree was happy. Soon the boy was young and the tree said to the boy that the boy could eat the apple and climb up the tree. But the boy said, ?No.?

The boy needed some money and the tree said to the boy to have his apples and the boy took them. The boy needed something. The boy got older and was tired and he sat down on the tree. The tree and the boy were happy again!

My favorite part was when the boy climbed the tree and played hide-go-seek because I climb trees. I did not the like the part when the boy left the tree alone and the tree was sad because the tree was alone. I did like the book because when the boy was with the tree the tree was happy, but I did not like the part when the boy left the tree alone.

These kids in school would like the book of The Giving Tree because it is about growing up!