1 The Keeping Quilt

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The Keeping Quilt

Written by Patricia Polacco

Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Katie W. (age 8) & Katie Y. (age 8)

The Keeping Quilt

"We will make a quilt to help us always remember home", Anna's mother said. "It will be like having the family in back home Russia dance around us all night." This special quilt is made out of pieces of clothing from everybody's clothes. The quilt is used for many different things. The quilt is passed through the whole family. It is special because it is their only piece left of their home in Russia. If you want to find out what happens to the quilt, read this book! This book won a Sydney Taylor award from the Association of Jewish Libraries.

The pictures are very realistic and very detailed. The quilt has color and the rest of the drawings are black and white. The book was wonderful! Our favorite part is when they make the quilt because it is very exciting! Our favorite character is Patricia because she wrote the story and she's also a character in the story.

If you like true stories, you will like this book. We think you should read this book because it's a very touching story.