1 Why Can't I Fly?

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Why Can't I Fly?

Written by Rita Golden Gelman

Illustrated by Jack Kent

Reviewed by chasen n (age 8)

Why Can't I Fly?

In this book there is a monkey named Minnie. She wants to fly. There are animals who help her, but none of their advice works. First she goes to Blue Bird and she tries to tell her to take off her shoes if she wants to fly. She tries it but it doesn't work. Then Minnie goes to a yellow bird, a lady bug, a duck, and a butterfly for advice. Their advice doesn't work. Read the book to see what works.

I didn't like this book because the characters are not interesting. The illustrations are boring. They need more color and detail. I thought the monkey was crazy. I couldn't understand why the monkey would listen to the animals' silly advice.

I don't recommend this book for second graders because the words are too easy. I think first graders would like it because they would like the funny illustrations.