1 The Castle in the Attic

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The Castle in the Attic

Written by Elizabeth Winthrop

Reviewed by Sallie F (age 10)

The Castle in the Attic

Have you ever heard of The Castle In The Attic? Well if you haven't come along and listen to this book review I wrote. There are some main characters and those people are William, Mrs. Phillips, and Sir Simon, but I'm going to tell my thoughts on William. I think William is a happy boy because he got a new toy from a lady named Mrs. Phillips. The setting is at a home, outside the home in the forest, and in his attic. It takes place I think in the present time because knights can't talk to people, and are not alive. The problem is that William's baby sitter left and has this knight that Mrs. Phillips gave him at home. He's the only one that he has to play with at home. Sir Simon and William go to the forest together. In the forest they are looking for a Castle. They meet this other knight and the knight makes him do everything in his castle.

One of my connections that I had is that the boy William in the story kind of reminds me of one of my best friends Raeni because she loves to go and have some adventures just like in the story. The lesson is that you don't have to always do something when only one person is there. You should just keep doing it without that person. Like for example William was working on his back handspring and when Mrs. Phillips left he just kept doing his back handspring and he never gave up. One thing that the author did was she put a lot of similes in her story and here are a couple of them. First is, "She waved them away in the car as if they were little children leaving for school". Here's another one, "And then she tucked it out of sight again as if he could read William's mind." I like the similes because they help in the story to tell about what's happening.

My recommendation for this book is people who like FF fantasy fiction. Why? I would recommend this to people who like fansty fiction only because it has a lot of magic and knights and other fantasy stuff. That's my book review. So did you learn something from my book review about The Castle In The Attic and will you ever want it?