1 Michelle Kwan

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Michelle Kwan

Written by Barbara M. Joosse

Reviewed by Alexandra E. (age 9)

Michelle Kwan

Michelle is in a family of five. Her father is from China and her mother from Hong Kong. She first started skating when she was very little and her older sister used to watch their older brother play ice hockey. She said figure skating made her feel like she was flying. One funny part in the book was when it said that figure skaters use their gloves for wiping their noses when their noses run. A sad part was when her friend Harris dies of a heart attack. Harris is one of Michelle's older friends. My favorite part in the book was when Michelle wins a silver medal in the 1998 Olympics. Michelle's motto is "Work Hard, Have Fun, Be Yourself."

I like this book because it was about figure skating and it was an autobiography. Also, it has Michelle Kwan, who reminded me of myself because I love figure skating!! Michelle changed in the end of the book by being a better figure skater. When I read this book it made me think about figure skating and wanting to win a medal in the Olympics when I get older.

I recommend this book to 6th graders and up. I also recommend this book to young girls who want to be a professional figure skater and girls like to read about them.