1 Molly Moons Hypnotic Time-Travel Adventure

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Molly Moons Hypnotic Time-Travel Adventure

Written by Georgia Byng

Reviewed by Kaleigh K. (age 10)

Molly Moons Hypnotic Time-Travel Adventure

Eleven-year-old Molly was adopted by a single mother, Lucy, who always seems sad, even though her ex-husband was coming to visit. Molly had grown up in an orphanage with her best friends, Rocky and Forest. When Molly was ten she found a book that gave her the ability to hypnotize people and to freeze the rest of the whole world and she will not be frozen.

One day Molly's pug Petula went missing, and then Molly disappeared, too. A man named Zackya, who wears a big turban, took her away in a speedy form of transportation. He hypnotized her so she couldn't run away. Zackya took her to Ancient India. She finds herself in a room with a huge scaly, maharaja named Waqt. Zackya and Waqt were talking about time-travel. The green crystals send you back in time and the red crystals send you forward. Waqt went and brought Molly's younger selves from her past there, too. He got her ten-year old self, her six- year-old self, her three-year-old self, and her as a baby. Eventually, Molly, Rocky, Forest, her six-year-old self and many more people get stuck in the future. Molly finds that she has a huge scar on her neck that she didn't have before. Something is definitely wrong! Will Molly get back in time and save herself and her younger selves? Read the book and find out.

My favorite part from the book is when Molly goes back in time to get a key and tries to unlock her friends, Rocky and Forest, who are locked in a prison. It seems really exciting and makes me want to keep reading because she gets to time-travel which seems really fun and I'd love to do it.

Forest reminds me of one of my friends because he's really funny. The special thing about the book is that it's adventurous and weird with all the powers that the kids in the story have. I love it!

As I read the book I felt that it was all really happening and that I was there with the characters. At happy times I felt happy, and at dangerous times I felt scared and nervous. I've always dreamed of having special powers. I imagined and it felt like I was right there in front of every scene. It's my favorite book ever!

I recommend this book to 3rd through 6th grades and to people who love adventure like me. My opinion of the book is that there is no other book that has captured my attention as much as this one. I couldn't put it down.