1 Jen and Ten Hens

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Jen and Ten Hens

Written by Cindy and Zach Clements

Illustrated by Gary Thomas

Reviewed by Talia Z. (age 7) & Alicia H. (age 6)

Jen and Ten Hens

We picked this book because it looked very very funny.

The story is about a hen named Jen who was not in the pen. Jen was very very very very sad. Jen was sad because she was not in the pen and she was really lonely. Then Jen finds friends to help her, and she eats food.

We liked the book. We liked the part when the hens let Jen get inside the pen with them and share the food. That was good because they all get to eat together. Jen was all alone and the hens let her in. That teaches us to be kind and friendly and generous. We like to do good things for everybody. We liked the pictures because they are so nice. The nice thing about the pictures is that they don?t scribble scrabble. They color and write it neatly.

We recommend this book to babies because babies will like this book. It has a nice story.