1 The Changelings

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The Changelings

Written by Terri Windling

Reviewed by Chris D. (age 8)

The Changelings

This book is about a boy named Charlie. Most of his family had died. He moved with his mother and sister to live with his grandmother. When Charlie moved to his grandmother's, strange things started to happen. Charlie's sister started to act strange. She was getting thinner down to her bones and wanted to sit next to the warm stove. Charlie found out that the Changlings had taken his sister. Charlie had to go on a journey that included going through a lake of blood to get his sister back.

I recommend this book because it's a big mystery and it's scary. I liked when Charlie was challenged by another fiddler. You'll find out new things every time you turn the page. You should read the book if you like scary things. This book can be challenging and it may help you to become an experienced reader.