1 The Little House

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The Little House

Written by Virginia Lee Burton

Illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton

Reviewed by Nathan O. (age 7) & Andrea C. (age 6)

The Little House

We picked this book because the cover looked nice.

The story is about a little house that was strong and well built. The little house didn't like living in the city because no one saw her there. The problem was that all the big buildings blocked her. It was hard being lonely in the city. Read to find out what happens to the little house!

The Little House is a great book. The pictures are nice. We like the pictures because they are pretty. The story is funny. It is funny when the little house lived all by herself. She looked funny by herself. It has a good ending because it is a happy one. We felt happy when the little house goes back to the field. We like that because the little house is happy again.

We recommend this book to first and second graders because the story is very long. The first and second graders can learn more words if they read the book.