1 Dinosaur Bob

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Dinosaur Bob

Written by William Joyce

Illustrated by William Joyce

Reviewed by Matthew Ga. (age 6) & Shane S. (age 6)

Dinosaur Bob

We picked this book because we both like dinosaurs and baseball.

This book is about a dinosaur named Bob. Bob was disturbing the peace. Bob picked up a car in his mouth. Then he went to jail. The big problem was that he went to jail and he needed to be rescued. Read the book to find out the surprise ending!

Dinosaur Bob is a magnificent book! We thought it was amazing because we liked dinosaurs. We also liked this book because we learned that family is important. It made us think that, if dinosaurs were still here, the world would be very different. It also made us think about making our baseball team name The Dinosaurs because Dinosaur Bob helped the pirates play baseball. Read the exciting long tale of "Dinosaur Bob"!

We recommend this book to kids who like dinosaurs because this is just the right book for them.