1 Absolutely Normal Chaos

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Absolutely Normal Chaos

Written by Sharon Creech

Reviewed by Jordan S (age 10)

Absolutely Normal Chaos

This story is about a girl named Mary Lou and her adventures throughout the summer. Mary Lou has to write a journal about her summer and turn it in at the beginning of the school year. She gets carried away when her cousin Carl Ray comes to town, and when she falls in love. Will she finish writing her journal? Will her teacher read her journal? Read the book to find out.

The character I found most interesting was Carl Ray, because he always slept in until dinnertime for about two weeks. Carl Ray was really quiet at first, and it was hard to get any words out of him. That is why I thought Carl Ray was the most interesting character.

This book is unique because throughout the whole book Mary Lou is telling the story through writing in a journal. This way of writing helps the reader understand what the writer is thinking, and what the characters are thinking and feeling.

This book made me feel like I was actually in the story. I like that feeling, because you get more in the book and want to keep reading. I like the way this book brought the reader into the story. Mary Lou reminded me of my friend Sophie, because Sophie has a lot of brothers and sisters like Mary Lou. Mary Lou's brothers and sisters bother her just like Sophie's. That's how Mary Lou reminds me of Sophie.

I would recommend this book to 4th and 5th kids, because it had a lot of suspense and I loved reading it. I think kids who like to read journals and like a lot of excitement should read Absolutely Normal Chaos!