1 Look Out! Look Out! Tractor About!

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Look Out! Look Out! Tractor About!

Written by Joan Dalgleish

Illustrated by Pete Joison and Gordon Clarke

Reviewed by Liza H. (age 7)

Look Out! Look Out! Tractor About!

The main character Sid was going to buy a tractor. He used a horse to plow. When he used the tractor, he plowed two fields by noon. One day Sid left the tractor on. The tractor went on the road. The tractor ran over the pumpkin truck. The tractor scared the chickens. The tractor ran into the clothesline. The tractor ran into the pond. Sid gave his horse some carrots and Sid locked up the tractor.

My favorite part was when the tractor went into the pond. It was funny because tractors do not run by themselves. Tractors don't go into ponds.

I liked the book because it was very funny and I think other kids should read it. It was funny because all the sheep and chickens ran away from the tractor.

My favorite character is Liz, because she yelled "Look Out! Look Out! Tractor About!" She didn't know Sid wasn't on the tractor and then it went through the clothesline.

I think kids should read this book because it is very funny. I think kids three years old to nine years old would like this book.

Liza H.
is a student in
Ms. Finch's Class