1 The Canary Caper

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The Canary Caper

Written by Ron Roy

Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Dakota P . (age 10)

The Canary Caper

One hot summer day, Josh came trampling into Dink's house, exhausted. Then Ruth Rose knocked on the door. Dink yelled out, "Mom, we're leaving now!" They were on their way to a circus. On their way, Dink told Josh and Ruth Rose about Mrs. David's Canary bird, Mozart. It got out of its cage the day before. That night they all slept outside. When they woke up, Ruth Rose's cat, Tiger, was cat-napped and in the afternoon, two other animals got pet-napped. The three friends try to solve mystery of the missing pets. Their house gets broken into, and they have lots of adventures along the way. Find out what happens to all four animals at the end of the book.

I liked this book because I like to solve mysteries. The A to Z mysteries are my favorite books because kids help the police to solve crimes and mysteries in their town. Josh and Ruth Rose are my favorite characters because they are so smart. I think they have super-brains. My favorite part in this book is when Ruth Rose recognizes a guy in the circus, but doesn't remember where. Dink and Josh think she's crazy.

I would recommend this book to kids who like to read mysteries. It is good for third or fourth graders.