1 Matilda

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Written by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Forest A (age 10)



Do you want to read Matilda? Well read this summary first. Matilda is about a girl named Matilda, she's very smart and she loves to read. She wants to keep reading. But her dad, who sells stolen cars, thinks reading is rubbish, and puts her in a school with an abusive principal, named Mrs. Trunchbull. Matilda is by Roald Dahl and is a fantasy fiction

So how will Matilda get away from the Trunchbull? Will she get away? What does her nice teacher Mrs. Honey have to do with the Trunchbull? Find out in Matilda. This book is like none other. I like the authors show- don't- tell details because there are very few pictures. Take this for example; The "Trunchbull was shouting, the word what is spelled W-H-A-T. Now spell it you little wart".

The lesson of this book is to never give up, and there's always light in the darkest places. I would recommend this book to anybody who loves to read, and to anybody that loves fiction, because this book is long, good, and fiction. I loved this book because I like fiction books where you know it will never happen. I think this is the best Roald Dahl book because of the plot. Now you know all you need to know about Matilda. (Until you read it of course).