1 George's Marvelous Medicine

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George's Marvelous Medicine

Written by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Sam S (age 10)

George's Marvelous Medicine

Why is there a 50 foot lady walking around town? Well I will tell you why, it's because George made a medicine for his grandma, which made her grow 50 feet tall. This is a fun fantasy fiction. This book is written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. George's grandma acts like a witch. Also, she wears a long black dress and has no respect for George or his dad. George is a boy who loves his parents, but dislikes his grandma. George wanted to go to the store with his mom. But he had no choice; he had to stay home with his evil grandma. During that time George made a medicine that made a medicine that made her grow 50 feet tall. George put in stuff that is slimly, gooey and lots of animal pills (no wonder it tasted so bad). So when George's parents got home from work and the market, they were shocked to find a giant chicken and a lady as tall as the house. George's dad of course approved of this because he as well disliked his grandma too. Even though the end is near I will never give the ending away. You will have to read the book yourself.

I think this book has a good lesson. The lesson is even though relatives may not like you, just try to get along with them. It's great to help with family, even though they might be a pain. I think you still need to love them and have respect for them, because they are your family. Ever since I finished this book I have loved my brother a lot more.

My favorite character is George, because I feel sorry for him. He doesn't have any friends. I think he has no friends, because he is mostly locked inside with his grandma. Since George is an only kid he spends most of his time in his room. He does not do much when his grandma is around. I think George is a lot like me, because I love to mix things up and see them bubble, just like him in this book.

I like how Dahl writes in a lot of detail, because it makes the book more fun and interesting. Once he said in this book, "I bet this is the only 50 foot lady walking around town".

I would recommend this book to any kid who loves to laugh. The reason is this book left me laughing for a long time.