1 Aliens Ate My Homework

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Aliens Ate My Homework

Written by Bruce Coville

Illustrated by Katherine Coville

Reviewed by Kevin C. (age 9)

Aliens Ate My Homework

In this story, a space ship crashes through a boy's window and falls into his room. The boy's name in Rod. The aliens tell him that their ship is broken and that they need to stay with him for a while. Then one day, when Rod came home from school the aliens told him that a boy in his school named Billy Becker is really an alien criminal from outer space! The aliens said that they have been searching for him for a long time but never caught him. Rod reacts by yelling, "I'm going to get him!" In the ending there is a surprise! The illustrations are very good. The illustrator put a lot of detail into them. The only thing I didn't like about the pictures is that they were black and white.

I like this book a lot because I like books about aliens. I would recommend this book to others because it is very interesting when the ship goes through the window and other things. I don't think girls would want to read this book because I don't think that girls would want to read about aliens.