1 Cyborg Come Home

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Cyborg Come Home

Written by Tracey West

Reviewed by C.C. (age 8)

Cyborg Come Home

Cyborg Come Home is a Great book! When someone breaks into maximum security prison, the Teen Titans know that something strange is going on. But Robin and Cyborg Are so busy fighting with each other that they aren't focusing on the case until Cyborg Quits the team. A seriously bad guy named Plasmus is on the loose! Can they beat Plasmus without Cyborg. Can Robin and Cyborg find a way to set a side their differences and save the day, maybe even their friendship?

This Book was really good. There is a lot of action. The Teen Titans fought against Cinderblock. A character saves another character. Cyborg saves Robin. One of the characters broke out of jail. This book has a lot of action going, a character saves another character and a character broke out of jail.

I recommend this book to people who need help their friendship. Cyborg and Robin gets into a fight during a mission. Cyborg quits the team because he's really mad at Robin. At the end Cyborg and Robin become friends. Read my book if you need help with your friendship!