1 Dancing in the Wings

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Dancing in the Wings

Written by Debbie Allen

Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Reviewed by Meredith Ann (age 8)

Dancing in the Wings

This book is about a girl that everyone called Sassy. Everyone made fun of her because she was so tall. Sassy took dance class and one day her teacher said that in a couple of weeks there would be tryouts for a dance camp in Washington D.C.. Sassy really wanted to go to the camp and prove that she could be a good dancer even if she was tall. I liked this book .My favorite part in this book was when her uncle picked her up from dance. It's my favorite because Sassy's uncle could make her feel a lot better. Sassy is like me because we both do dance, we both have annoying brothers, and sometimes in life neither of us has fun. The illustrator's pictures were wonderful. They had a lot of excitement in them, too. They added ideas of motion to the pictures that I already had in my mind. I really recommend this book. It is one of my favorites, and I think it could be other people's favorite, too. I think all ages would enjoy lessons of the book - sometimes you need to talk to other people and listen to what they say, and you need to keep trying and never give up. I'm exited about putting this on the internet because I want a lot of people to know about this book.