1 Pup at the Palace

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Pup at the Palace

Written by Ben M. Baglio

Reviewed by CL (age 9)

Pup at the Palace

Pup at the Palace is a fantastic book! Mandy and James meet a girl named Casey in a hotel in London. Casey asks if Mandy, James, and Mandy's parents want to eat with her family. Mandy says yes, so they eat together. They become good friends. The next day Casey's family and Mandy's family come to the palace to see the guards change. A hotdog stand comes and Mandy sees a homeless dog by it. James came along too, and he had a dog biscuit in his pocket. They bribed the dog to come over to them and eat the biscuit. They tried to catch the dog, but he ran away. Will they catch the pup? Will they find a home for it? Read and find out.

My favorite part of the story was when the homeless puppy marched with the guards. The homeless puppy snuck through the fence. Then the puppy pretended to be a guard. It was really funny because everyone was laughing at the homeless pup. It was also funny because the pup slipped and had to catch up with the guards. This part was also scary. It was scary because the puppy might get caught. The puppy could get squished or get sent to the pound. If you read this part, you'll laugh your head off!

Mandy reminds me of myself. She reminds me of myself because she's adventurous. She goes on a lot of adventures and so do I. Most of the time she learns things on her adventures. She gets scared a lot and boy you're talking about a girl who is afraid of an ant. Me! She also cares for animals. She loves animals so much, but I probably love them more than her. Mandy wants to be a vet, and I want to be a vet too! I try to save animals and so does she. Another reason she reminds me of myself is because she's smart. She knows a lot about animals, and so do I! I'm clever, and she is too! She is fantastic at making plans, and I'm great at making plans. Mandy and I have a lot in common!

I recommend this book to puppy lovers, people who like sad stories, and for kids who lost their parents. This book is also good for people who want to be a vet when they grow up. Don't watch T.V, buy this book!!!