1 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Written by Laura Numeroff

Illustrated by Felicia Bond

Reviewed by Jordan H (age 8)

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

In the beginning a boy gives a mouse a cookie. Next, the mouse asked for a glass of milk. Then the mouse went to look to see if he had a milk mustache. Then he saw a misplaced hair so he asked for a pair of scissors. Then he got hair all over the floor so he asked for a broom. After that he wanted to take a nap. Then he asked for milk and a cookie to go with it.

My favorite part is when he looks in the mirror because it is funny the way he looks in the mirror. My favorite character is the mouse because he's cute. He is cute because he just asks the boy for a cookie. This story relates to my life because I also want something more all the time. This story has pictures that help me understand the words.

I think other people should read this book because it is cute and has a moral that helps you learn.