1 My Life in Dog Years

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My Life in Dog Years

Written by Gary Paulsen

Illustrated by Ruth Wright Paulsen

Reviewed by Winn G. (age 11)

My Life in Dog Years

This nonfiction book is about Gary Paulsen and the dogs he meets throughout his life. Gary loves to hunt! On one of his trips hunting he finds a dog. He names him Ike. Ike is special because he saves Gary Paulsen's life. And that's just one of the dogs that he meets. Gary loves all of the dogs he meets, and all the dogs are equal in his eyes.

This was the one of best books I have ever read. I like Gary Paulson, and this book tells all about his life. My favorite character is Fred, because he is a good friend. Gary bought him for five dollars. When Gary brought his pet Pig to the farm, Fred and the pig become friends. Pig keeps getting out and Gary locks Pig in a cage. Fred tries to rescue Pig.

My favorite part is when Gary goes hunting and hears leaves crunching in the background. He thinks it is a bear, but it ends up being Ike (a new dog that, of course, Gary takes home). I hope you like this great book as much as I did.

This book is for fourth or fifth graders who love Gary Paulsen's books.