1 Summer Reading is Killing Me

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Summer Reading is Killing Me

Written by John Saeszka

Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Memphis B. (age 9)

Summer Reading is Killing Me

Fred put a summer reading list in the magic book when he was on his skateboard. They went to Hoboken and a big chicken walked toward them. It was from a book on the reading list. They went to a big library in Hoboken. They met characters from other books in that library. The bad characters were trying to get rid of the good characters. Fred used his skateboard to get the reading book list. They went back to their own time.

I think that this book was goofy. The characters were all acting crazy, especially the bad ones. The devil was really dumb. My favorite part was at the end when Joe?s sister showed them her teddy bear and they all said, ?Nooooooooooo!? I liked this part because they looked funny when they were saying that in the illustration. This book is written by Jon Scieszka. He wrote a lot of Time Warp Trio books and this book is like them because they all have Sam, Fred and Joe in every book.

I recommend this book because it reminds me of my three goofy cousins. I think that even adults would like to read this.