1 Cinderella Penguin

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Cinderella Penguin

Written by Janet Perlman

Reviewed by Sonu A. (age 7) & Daniella S. (age 6)

Cinderella Penguin

Cinderella Penguin had to do lots of stuff like clean up the room and make the beds. She told the stepmother that there was going to be a ball. Cinderella got excited when she heard about the ball. She got to go to the ball. She was happy! She lost her glass slipper and the horses and the pumpkin. And then the prince and the life guard tried to get Cinderella but she ran off. Then they went to her house. Then they tried the glass slipper on the girls when Cinderella was locked in a room. Then she got out and the guys tried the slipper on Cinderella. She won the shoe and then the Prince and Cinderella Penguin got married. They had babies. They were king and queen. They lived happily ever after.

We recommend this book because it's a wonderful story and the step mother did not win. We also recommend this book because we like the illustrations