1 Oh the THINKS You Can Think!

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Oh the THINKS You Can Think!

Written by Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Zachary L. (age 8)

Oh the THINKS You Can Think!

This book has so many different characters. Here are some characters; like the Bloogs, Snuvs, Jiboos, and the Zong. This book takes place everywhere your imagination can take you.In the beginning, it starts out with a bunch of rhymes. Then they introduce the characters and show us what they look like. Then it comes to my favorite part where the yellow Snuvs in gloves are. They are wearing different colored gloves, and the Snuvs are big and small. At the end, they teach you a very important lesson. It tells you that you can think up anything if only you try.

I enjoyed this book because Dr. Seuss?s imagination made the characters funny but yet cute. I also like the rhyming in this book. My favorite part was when you read about the Snuvs because they are different colors, and they are all different.

I would recommend this book to kids about ages five to seven so their imagination will grow wild.