1 Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia

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Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia

Written by Peggy Parish

Illustrated by Lynn Sweat

Reviewed by Sean K. (age 7)

Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia

This book is about Amelia Bedelia. It takes place at school. In the beginning, a teacher was calling Amelia Bedelia on the phone. She told her to tell the school that the phone is out of order. Then she got to the principal?s office. She told him that it was out of order. The principal said, ?Thank goodness you are here.? The kids were going wild in Miss Lane?s room. At the end, Amelia Bedelia got some apples and taffy. She put it all in a pot. It took 9 or 10 minutes. Then everyone was happy, and they all got 2 candy apples each. Then all the kids went home.

I enjoyed this book because it is very funny. My favorite part was when Amelia Bedelia planted light bulbs in a pot. She was supposed to put flower bulbs in the pot. She was a little confused. This book is like other Amelia Bedelia books because she always gets confused, and she makes me laugh.

I would recommend this book to 2nd graders that enjoy the Amelia Bedelia series because they are easy to read, and they make you laugh.