1 No, David

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No, David

Written by David Shannon

Illustrated by David Shannon

Reviewed by Janay S. (age 8)

No, David

The book is about a boy behaving bad at home. He didn't listen to his mom. David runs out in the street naked then his mother says, "David come back here." David and his mother talk together about the bad behavior .

My favorite part was when David was jumping on the bed in his room and he was dressed up funny with cowboy boots and a blanket around his neck.. I think that David shouldn't do bad stuff in his house because he might get hurt.

This reminds me of a boy in kindergarten n ten who didn't listen to our teacher and he got suspended.

Children who don't know how to listen to teachers or people who are bigger could learn from this book. What I do not want is for children to get hurt. Children really need to listen to people. Not to strangers, but to their family and teachers.