1 Carlos, Light the Farolito

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Carlos, Light the Farolito

Written by Jean Ciavonne

Illustrated by Donna Clair

Reviewed by Victoria J. (age 7)

Carlos, Light the Farolito

Carlos is at home with his aunt. His mother, father, and grandfather are out shopping for treats for Christmas. People are celebrating Las Posadas. Las Posadas is a Mexican tradition where people act out the story of Christmas. It is about the time when Mary and Joseph are in Bethlehem looking for shelter so that Mary can have her baby. Carlos? grandfather usually acts the part of the innkeeper, but it?s getting late and he is not home yet. Carlos is worried. Will grandfather make it in time?

?Biscochitos, bunuelos, and a pi?ata? for the ninth and last night of Las Posadas. This book is a Mexican story, so there are Spanish words in it. The pi?ata is a donkey like the one Mary rode on. It has whistles, candy, and toys, like we have in our pi?atas for birthday parties. I like the illustrations because they?re very bright and colorful. At my school, second graders act out Las Posadas and sing the song in Spanish. I played an angel.

I recommend this book for 4 to 8 year olds. This book could be a read aloud story for parents to read to little ones. Older kids can read it to younger kids. You should read this at Christmas time because it is about when Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem. I think this book is great!