1 Wagon Wheels

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Wagon Wheels

Written by Barbara Brenner

Illustrated by Don Bolognese

Reviewed by Adam S. (age 8)

Wagon Wheels

This exciting story begins when Ed Muldie and his boys set out for free land in 1878. Their mom dies on the journey and they are poor. They needed a house so they made a dugout. The names of the brothers were Willie, Little Brother, and Johnny. Their dad left Kansas. I?ll leave you to find out if they got back with their dad.

This true story makes me feel excited, scared, sad, and happy. The exciting part is when their dad leaves. They are home alone! It is a sad part, too, because they don?t know where he?s going or when he?ll get back. The scary part is when a snake comes to the brothers. I like the good colors in the illustrations.

I recommend this book if you enjoy learning about families back then. I think a teacher should read this book to kids.